Photography Equipment For Beginners

If you were born around the turn of the 21st century, then the current state of photography may not be such a big deal. If you’re a little older though, then you may remember the days of film photography.

If that is the case, then you can’t fail to be amazed by what is achievable these days. In a world hurtling headlong into a digital, tech laden future, it is very easy to see the problems that technology brings.

Photography on the other hand is a real game changer. Pictures and video are now as easy to by as fresh air.

Photography Is Now Part Of Life

We have become used to a world in which photography is an essential part of life. Incidentally, before you go out and buy any photography equipment, then you should check and endure that you are buying the best for your needs.

Many people now work from home, and a good portion of those people sell online. As a result, they need photography equipment in order to take good product photographs.

We have all become used to excellent product photography, even from the smallest of websites.

Customer reviews can really rely on these small points so you need to make sure you get it right.

What You’ll Need

Your first equipment doesn’t need to be super expensive. You’ll want to get equipment that is on the budget end of the price range and that is easy to break down and store away. At least until you can start to dedicate more space to your photography.

Basic gear is going to involve lighting, flash trigger, light reflectors, lighting stands and backdrops.

There’s loads of other gear, and you probably have some of it in mind already, but this is the basic setup and you really shouldn’t need much else to get you started.

Studio Setup

Exactly how you set up the studio will depend on the kind of photography that you want to take.

If you are looking to take product photographs for your home business, then you may be able to make a minimal investment and do a lot of the photography from your desk or a small corner of your office.

Even if you wanted to do portrait photography, then you’re not necessarily looking at a large set up.


Obviously, photography outdoors will require some different equipment. Your camera equipment will also need to be different tand you should budget this accordingly.

You may well be able to spend more on your camera if you’re taking landscapes, than say, a portrait photographer with a limited budget who needs to organise a studio and backdrops.


Before you go out and spend a huge amount of money on photography equipment, don’t forget about the amazing device in your pocket.

Modern smartphones are capable of some pretty amazing photography and there is even a whole scene revolving around these devices.

Depending on your requirements, your phone may be all you need.